Installation Instructions

Glass Chairmat Installation Instructions


You are about to experience the very best in chair mat elegance, functionality, and durability.

First, a few words to get you started:

Clearly Innovative Lifetime Chairmats are extremely durable unless something strikes the edge of the glass.

Do not allow your new chairmat to come in contact with any type of metal, including metal furniture legs or metal chair casters, or another piece of glass.   To do so will void your warranty.  Be very careful as you prepare and install your chairmat. 

Stand the glass up on its edge and lean the glass against a wall or desk with the under or floor side toward you.  Begin by cleaning the underside of the glass with any household glass cleaner and clean cloth or paper towel.

The beveled side will be on top.  Thoroughly clean the glass. Once it is in place, anything left on or under the glass will show through (it is a good idea to thoroughly vacuum the floor or carpeting where the mat will be placed).

When installing your glass chairmat, take care to leave space between the glass edge and any metal desk or cabinet leg that can “bump” the edge of the mat.  One inch clearance is recommended.

Once you have the mat situated on the floor, clean the top side.  Now it is ready to use!

A word of warning: your desk chair is going to roll faster and easier than you have ever experienced.  Use caution!  If you spill something on the glass chairmat, it could make the surface slippery.  Be careful until the spill has been cleaned up and has dried.

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