No Office is Complete Without

Clearly Innovative

Glass Chairmats

Why is this revolutionary, patented glass chairmat a must for your offices?

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    Beautifies Any Office

    Clear, beveled,quality elegance – complements office furnishings.

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    Lasts Forever

    Never needs replacing, saves money.

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    Beautifies Any Office

    Clear, beveled,quality elegance – complements office furnishings.

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    Protects Your Flooring

    Carpet and hardwood stay new and never wear under glass chairmats.

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    Effortless Rolling

    Desk chairs glide, no more pushing or tugging on thin vinyl mats.

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    Green Product

    Made from silica sand and recycled glass, not a petroleum product.

Chairmat Models

Clearly Innovative Glass Chairmats:

A beautiful lasting piece of office furniture. This is not an office supply item you buy, can wear out and throw away.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For more information on clearly Innovative glass chairmats, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

What Our Customers Say


My back is so much better. I was stuck in “ditches”

It is easily one of the most worthwhile purchases…

Right away I noticed a change, literally as soon as I sat in my chair. I felt like I had better posture and after a few hours, my low back didn’t feel as strained as before… Thank you so much for offering this product. It is easily one of the most worthwhile purchases I have made.

Thank you for making this product…

I have been using my new glass chairmat for a few weeks and am very pleased with it! I suspect that it will outlast many plastic chairmats that I will never need to buy again. There are two more desks that I may be looking to upgrade to glass chairmats when I return north later this year for the summer months. Thank you for making this product available at an affordable price!

I highly recommend this product…

Yes, we love our purchase and your company provides a great item compared with the 4 plastic mats that I have worn out over the years. I highly recommend this product and your company. You are on the right track from shipping and packaging the mat like Fort Knox.

I purchased the Executive mat for my home.

It has survived a (moving) trip half way across the country, and some shorter moves since then. But now it has survived a house fire! While searching for anything that survived, I felt the edge of the mat. After removing the debris and plaster, I was able to lift and lean it against my desk. Thank you for your ingenuity.

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